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31st Legislative Session

The House of Representatives convenes the 2nd regular session of the 31st Alaska State Legislature

31st Legislature Schedule

  • 1st Regular Session:
  • 1st Special Session:

  • 2nd Special Session:

  • 2nd Regular Session:

From the Glossary of Legislative Terms

"Override" - To pass a bill after the Governor has vetoed it. A vote of 2/3 of the legislature sitting in joint session is required to override a veto. A ? vote is required if the bill is to raise revenue or is an appropriation bill. (See Alaska Constitution, Art. II, sec. 16 and Uniform Rule 45)

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Streaming Committee Meetings

Currently, the Capitol is equipped to stream committee meetings from all of the standing committee rooms. Certain special events may be streamed from locations inside and outside the Capital. This service exists to provide Alaskans with live access to every committee meeting in the State Capital.

Floor Session streams are available through Gavel Alaska.

For Archived Meetings, visit the Committees tab or visit Gavel Alaska's Archive. Meetings streamed outside of Juneau are archived to our Vimeo site.

  • No live meetings.